Our SDGs

Leave No One behind.

Our SDGs

‘A small step makes a big step to the big goal.’

We will:

  • Think before Print.
  • Turn down unused electricity in the office to save energy.
  • Follow the community garbage separation rules, and recycle as much as possible.

‘Be Environmentally Conscious of Supply Chain’

We will:

  • Select transfer companies with high environmental awareness which operate low emission vehicles such as hybrid vehicles.
  • Arrange accommodations for customers, which are environmental conscious and LGBTQ friendly.
  • Provide good service and products for customers at appropriate prices and will never demand suppliers unreasonable services or extortionate price cuts.
  • Make customers’& suppliers’ stress and burdens minimum by arranging good services and creating reasonable tour courses.

‘Happy at Workplace’

We will:

  • Value staff’s work-life balance.
  • Open the gate wide at recruiting.

‘Good for All.’

Our mission is to provide services and trips which are good for ALL:

  • Customers are happy.
  • Service providers are satisfied with their jobs and proud of their services.
  • Enhancing customers’ understanding and contributing the development of locals and communities.
  • Eco-friendly and good for future.

MarkOne Style Inc.